Sunday, 8 March 2015

A Sedentary Week

This week has been scuppered by my dodgy old back.  
I have had a couple of days doing barely anything as I could hardly move (I got down my stairs on my bum like a toddler).

Oskar obviously paid no mind to the fact that I was in pain and trying to get comfortable he just wanted the best spot.
'Get up and feed me woman'
 Salted caramel cookies did ease the pain (or so I told myself).

 I did manage a couple more rows on my Happy Street shawl yesterday.

Actually Saturday was a good day generally and I also made a start on a couple of little spring makes.
 This will be something Easter themed.

Back Soon
Lisa x

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Two Needle Socks

Following on from my post here I'm glad to report that I did it, I made a pair of socks.
I followed this Two Needle Sock pattern from my book (Simple Knitting by Erika Knight).
They fit lovely and they are toasty warm in debbie bliss cashmerino but...
I hate the seam.  
I did join it in a very delicate mattress stitch right at the edges but having a seam right up the mid line of the sock feels weird.

They are for hubby to wear around the house and they are fine for that but I wouldn't wear them out and about as I'm sure I'd feel the seam rubbing.
Next pair of socks will be a proper seamless pair.  
He does love them though (or so he tells me) and that's what counts they were made with love.

Back Soon

Lisa x

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Canopy Shawl

Just as I bought the wool for the Kaffe Fassett Lidiya I saw a beautiful version of the Canopy Shawl on Instagram (by the clever Emma C, my knitting sista!) and I have it in my sights now.  

image from Ravelry

After reading Heather’s post here about the totally scrumptious qualities of Debbie Bliss Rialto DK I have ordered the wool to make it in a dusky pink shade.  

This should be nice and easy on the eyes and give a welcome relief from fairisle.

It’s clear I have a problem, how many shawls and scarves does one woman need?
Back Soon
Lisa x

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Lidiya Scarf - Kaffe Fassett

I can’t ever just concentrate on one project fully, there is always the next one and the next one after that in my mind.
Following completion of my Happy Street Shawl, my next project will be this beauty
Image from Ravelry
I saw this pattern a long time ago and added it to my list of things to make, I only recently came across it again in a recent magazine (Womans Weekly Knitting and Crochet Magazine March 2015) and I decided yes, this year I will make it.  
The wool has arrived and once I finish my current Happy Street Shawl I will make a start.

Fairisle is scary territory for me but I’m determined to have a good go at it.  I’m worried about all the different wools and getting in a tangle and throwing it across the room in a tantrum, any fairisle tips will be greatly received. 
This will be a long term project, I intend to pick it up in between other makes.  I don’t think my old lady eyes will cope with working on this for weeks at a time, which is why I don’t expect to be able to wear it until this coming winter, or possibly the winter after that!
Back Soon
Lisa xx

Friday, 27 February 2015

I'm a Sock Virgin

I don't know why but for the longest time I have always considered knitting socks as something that is way beyond my skill level.
I have knit in the round many times and I have knit lots of stuff on DPN's but never socks, why?
Well no more, I'm gonna be a big brave girl and give them a go.  
I found this Two Needle Sock pattern in one of my books (Simple Knitting by Erika Knight) which was a gift from a dear friend:
 Socks for cheats!  Socks knitted flat and seamed up the back.  I have spoken to ladies who have made these and I am assured that you can't feel the seam. I've got the wool in my stash and I'm going in.
If I end up with a functioning pair of socks I will be sure to be back to shout it from the rooftops!
So far so good.

In anticipation of the fact that I will nail my sock making phobia; I've bought a couple of skeins of gorgeous sock wool for my next adventure.

Back Soon 
(with socks hopefully)
Lisa x

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Happy Street

Currently on my needles:

Happy Street by the clever lady that bought us the Color Affection.

I have opted for green and greys.

Dark Grey:  Fyberspates, Scrumptious 4 ply / sport superwash in 307: Slate
Green:Fyberspates, Scrumptions 4ply/sport in Flying Saucer (cool name)
Silver Grey: Fyberspates Scrumptious DK/Worsted in 112: Silver

I'm currently at the stage where I am on long rows so it's taking me a while now but it is a lovely simple pattern to follow.  

Here's hoping I'll have it finished blocked and ready to wear before the warm weather arrives.

Back Soon

Lisa xx

Monday, 23 February 2015


Morning all.  

It's time for a change, a spring clean, a little shake up.

I have had a bit of a re-brand, clean and simple and I love it.

I do intend to put more into my blog this year and this is the start of that commitment.

What do you think?

Back Soon

Lisa xx